Follow APS on Twitter! (And here’s why …)

APS has become the second school district in metro Atlanta, after Fulton County, to open a Twitter account. By following APS on Twitter, staff, teachers, parents, students and stakeholders can get news updates, learn about media coverage and receive emergency information immediately.

Twitter not only provides the most succinct and expedient form of social networking, it’s also the fastest-growing vehicle for sharing information. We’re taking advantage of this communication tool to keep stakeholders updated.

Visit and create an account using your APS email address. Once you’ve registered, click “Find People,” type in “APSupdate,” and select on “Follow.”


Enjoy a steady stream of APS updates about your district. You’ll get the latest education headlines, updates from the APS Communications Office and info (in the form of “re-tweets”) from other schools and departments. Twitter also serves as a tool to share information about YOUR school or department with the APS community. Send updates to David Lee Simmons in the Communications Office at and he’ll “tweet” your information to everyone who follows APS.

Please note: “Following” APS on Twitter links your account to the district, unless you change the settings. The district’s rules regarding acceptable Internet use apply to Twitter updates.

Media news – Twitter consolidates headlines from key Atlanta news outlets, including the AJC, the TV stations, community blogs and community blogs. Following “APSupdate” means you don’t have to bookmark several outlets to get your APS news.
Press releases – Get headlines from APS press releases as they’re posted on our district Web site (
Emergency information – What happens when there’s inclement weather, like last winter’s snow day? Rather than scanning radio stations, you can simply look for “APSupdate” on Twitter.
School information – What if a PTA meeting time or location is changed? Email David Lee Simmons and the updated information will be distributed immediately.
APS publications – The Communications Office provides a range of informative publications, including the district newsletter, Talk Up APS, our seasonal Atlanta Educator newspaper, and  parent-focused Family Matters magazine. Using Twitter, we’ll give you a head’s up when these publications are available, along with links for you to access them.

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