Carver High defensive end Andre Johnson bounces back from tragedy to return to the football field

There’s an incredible, heartwarming story in today’s AJC about Carver High defensive end Andre Johnson. During the offseason, the 16-year-old junior lost his half-brother, and his left eye, in a random shooting.

But now Johnson is back and playing football for Carver. AJC reporter Christian Boone captured the spirit of Johnson’s comeback in the article, particularly in this section:

Playing football helps, though for a time his doctors warned him it may not be possible.
“I told the doctor I was playing again,” Andre said. “No way I wasn’t going to come back.”
His mother worries, but she knows football plays a pivotal role in Andre’s emotional recovery.
“They [Doctors] are concerned about maintaining the vision in his good eye,” she said. They relented when Andre grudgingly agreed to play with a fiberglass shield built into his face mask.
“I don’t want no sympathy,” Andre said. “I don’t want anyone treating me different.”

 Here’s to Johnson’s comeback and courage.

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