Douglass High’s Hospitality, Tourism and Marketing SLC is on the move


The Hospitality, Tourism and Marketing (HTM) small learning community at Douglass High School is raising the bar.  For the 2009-2010 school year Tonya Fulton, HTM teacher and Stephanie Bailey, academy leader of HTM were granted $30,000 from the Michael Jordan Grant Foundation to develop a “HTM Career Laboratory” for students of this SLC.

The HTM Laboratory will prepare students to be competitive and marketable in the tourism industry.  It will be aligned to the Georgia Performance Standards while meeting industry standards that will prepare students for real post-secondary options.

Students will learn customer service, management, marketing and technical skill sets pertinent to professions of the tourism industry.  The lab will be equipped with industry-used hardware and software such as the MICROS system. This system is widely used in establishments such as the Grand Hyatt, Four Seasons, Starbucks and a bunch of other high profile businesses. (For a look at Douglass students’ visit, pictured above, to the Grand Hyatt last year, read the press release here. Or read the feature on the program in Page 8 of the spring issue of The Atlanta Educator.)

This project will create rigor in the classroom combined with relevance to real-life experiences. Congratulations to Ms. Fulton, Ms. Bailey and the Douglass HTM academy!

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