MK Mueller shows Sarah Smith Elementary that life is a highway

MK MuellerThe school year got started off on a positive note at Sarah Smith Elementary School as the school invited author, speaker, corporate trainer, success coach, performing artist AND  parent MK Mueller.  Ms. Mueller has also been called “The Gratitude Guru,” and is the author of two books, Taking Care of Me: The Habits of Happiness and her latest, 8 to Great: The Powerful Process for Positive Change. Mueller inspired teachers and parents alike as she walked us through the eight  highways, after the jump …

Highway 1: Get the Picture
Visualize the end result.  Think it ’til you feel it.

Highway 2: Risk
Ask yourself, “If fear was not a factor …”and run to not from.

Highway 3: Full Responsibility
Move from BC (Blaming and Complaining) to AD (Acting and Dreaming).

Highway 4: Feel all your feelings
Allow both Mad (Angergy) and Sad (Release) in order to heal.

Highway 5:  Honest Communication
Ask for what you want and listen from the heart.

Highway 6:  FGH – FORGIVENESS of the past
Remember we were all doing the best we could with the information we had.

Highway 7: GRATITUDE for the present
Give thanks.  You’ve never met a grateful person who was unhappy.

Highway 8:  HOPE for the future
Keep on keeping on,  The road to success is never a straight line.

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