Two Atlanta Public Schools make AYP for 11 consecutive years, 80% of APS schools make AYP

Two Atlanta Public Schools elementary schools were recognized by the state today for achieving Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in their students’ performance on Georgia standardized tests for eleven consecutive years. The schools are D.H. Stanton and Fain elementary schools.

Eighty percent of Atlanta Public Schools made AYP last year, which is on par with the state of Georgia. Sixty-five Atlanta Public Schools have consistently made AYP for three or more years.

AYP is essentially a set of criteria used to determine if individual schools are meeting established student performance standards under the federal No Child Left Behind Act.  It requires that all categories of students in a particular school meet minimum academic performance standards, attendance requirements and participation levels in order for the school to be designated as achieving AYP status.

“The fact that so many of our schools are consistently achieving Adequate Yearly Progress over a number of years is a clear indication of the success of our urban school reform efforts,” said Dr. Beverly L. Hall, Superintendent, Atlanta Public Schools.  “This level of sustained academic performance by our students is proof positive that Atlanta Public Schools’ students are competitive with their counterparts from around the state and the nation in the area of academic achievement.”

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