APS salutes school achievements with Convocation 2009


UPDATE: Check out photo gallery here.

The Atlanta Public Schools celebrated elementary, middle and high schools that achieved at least 70 percent of their performance targets today during the APS Convocation 2009 at the Georgia International Convention Center. A total of 26 APS schools were recognized during today’s event.

Specific performance targets for each APS school are set at the beginning of each school year. The targets involve quantifiable measures, including attendance, test scores, enrollment in rigorous academic courses and participation in extracurricular activities during the 2008-09 school year.

Schools achieving 90 to 99 percent of their targets include: Peyton Forest and West Manor elementary schools; Inman Middle School; Carver School of the Arts and Carver Early College High School. Those schools achieving 80 to 89 percent of their targets include: Benteen, Blalock, Garden Hills, Jackson, Morningside and F.L. Stanton elementary schools; Turner Middle School; and South Atlanta High School of Leadership and Economic Empowerment. Schools achieving 70 to 79 percent of their targets include: Capitol View, Cascade, Deerwood, Hope, Humphries, Mary Lin, Perkerson, Rivers, Venetian Hills and White elementary schools; Bunche and Sutton middle schools; and Therrell School of Business & Entrepreneurship High School.

“Congratulations to the 26 schools that made at least 70 percent of their targets for 2008-2009!” said APS Superintendent Dr. Beverly L. Hall. “As we celebrate our growing achievements today, I ask that you also stay focused on the future. Every day, more school districts are looking to APS as a model. People around the country know that something significant is happening here in Atlanta.”

Principals and staff assigned to schools that meet at least 70 percent of their performance targets receive financial incentives.

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