Top 5 reasons to attend the Domecoming Football Classic

By now you probably already know about Atlanta Public Schools’ inaugural Domecoming Football Classic, which is an all-day high school football extravaganza featuring some of the district’s best football programs. (We posted information about this here.) Here’s the schedule:

11 a.m. Grady-St. Pius X
2:30 p.m. North AtlantaCarver
5 p.m. Washington-Riverwood
8 p.m. Mays-Villa Rica

We also want to stress just exactly why this is THE high school athletics event of the year. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss out …

1. It’s the first time! Really, isn’t it always fun to be a part of history? And considering how Atlanta Public Schools has been on an incredible journey to excellence over the past 10 years, this is a great opportunity for those around the entire Atlanta community to see players, students, faculty, staff and parents come together from several schools and share in that success. Call it school-success tailgaiting.

2. Something’s gotta give. For those who haven’t been following the standings, Grady and St. Pius are both undefeated at 7-0 overall and 4-0 in Region 5 AAA Division B. This would’ve been a big deal regardless of the setting, but what a way to wake up: watching two of metro Atlanta’s best in the Georgia Dome. We’ll have more on this battle in future Talk Up APS coverage, so stay tune on that. But this is worth the $10 admission alone!

3. Battle of the Bands. There won’t just be great football being played on the field; there also will be great MUSIC being played down on the field, as bands from Mays, North Atlanta, St. Pius X and Washington will battle out with their instruments during the respective halftimes.

4. Homecoming. We didn’t call it the Domecoming Football Classic just for a clever pun. This day will mark the homecoming celebrations for Mays, North Atlanta and Washington. Learn more about North Atlanta’s homecoming here. Learn more about Washington’s homecoming here.

5. Added drama. The Mays-Villa Rica also will have its share of anticipation. Currently Villa Rica is 5-2 overall and 4-0 in Region 5 AAAA Division B play, while Mays also is 5-2 overall but 2-2 in region play. So a Mays win would cut into Villa Rica’s lead. We think Mays has a good shot at winning. Why? Mays star receiver Acey Palmer, who received this great profile in The Summit, Mays’ newspaper.

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