Save the date: Beecher Hills Elementary’s Vocabulary Parade, Oct. 30

Beecher Hills Elementary will hold its second annual Vocabulary Parade on Oct. 30. This parade is part of the school’s continuing emphasis on vocabulary development. It is our hope that students will enjoy this activity while increasing their vocabulary, and we hope that all students, grades K-5, will create a project.

The idea for the parade comes from the book Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster by Debra Frasier. Last year, Beecher Hills had students and teachers define words like “percussion,” “flamboyant,” “camouflage,” “luminescent,” and “foliage.” We can’t wait to see what this year’s parade will bring!

This year, Beecher Hills’ students will each choose a word to learn for the parade. Students are encouraged to create a costume, a hat or a poster to carry in the parade that creatively represents their word. The project can convey the chosen word in a creative, humorous or interesting way or may be a particularly difficult word to represent. Students may choose a word from their reading, or one they have discovered that is unusual or surprising. It could also be a vocabulary word from science, social studies, reading or math. The goal of this activity is to increase student vocabulary and present words NOT already in the student’s speaking vocabulary to the greatest extent possible. We would expect that the older children would choose more difficult vocabulary words. All students will march in the parade since the goal of the parade is to learn new words, and this will give students exposure to a variety of new words.

As part of the parade activity, students will meet with a buddy class and students will share their new word with their buddies from another grade level. The teachers are looking forward to a fabulous, marvelous, amazing, stupendously exciting day of learning new words and increasing our vocabulary. Happy defining!

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