Cleveland Avenue hosts its first ‘Math from the Ground Up’ Academic Night

On Oct. 20, parents attended Academic Night at Cleveland Avenue Elementary School. But this was not your average academic night. This night was sprinkled with a twist of Math Instruction. Parents learned how to play math games that came straight from the Project GRAD Math Program, which is currently the school’s Math Reform Model.

Teachers in grades K-5 chose math games from their math curriculum that reinforced skills in numbers and operations — which is also the highest weighted area on the CRCT that students will be taking in the spring. K-2 focused on games relating to number recognition, addition, subtraction, and time. Grades 3-5 focused on games that were related to place value, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals.

“The best way to make a connection to the home is to engage parents in the actual learning process. When parents are able to understand certain concepts they become more comfortable reinforcing skills at home with their children,” said Tanisha Johnson, Cleveland Avenue’s math facilitator.

In addition to playing math games with their students, parents also were given copies of the games to practice with their child at home. Each quarter, parents will participate in a different Academic Night in the subjects of reading, math, and science.

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