Principal for a Day: Connally Elementary welcomes William N. Failor

William Failor Connally kindergarteners 2
William Failor reads to Connally Elementary students.

William N. Failor, president and COO of Cobbs, Allen & Hall, Inc., is no stranger to E.L. Connally Elementary School. In his third year as a participant of Principal for a Day, Failor read the book If You Give a Moose a Muffin to a kindergarten class and later treated each student to a choice of a banana or blueberry muffin. He also distributed tokens for the school’s “treasure tower” used to earn treats from the school.

Failor Spanish Twister
Failor plays a game of 'Spanish Twister'

Next Principal Mimi Robinson led Failor to Klarrisa Hightower’s Spanish class, where second graders were learning their colors by playing “Spanish Twister.” Divided by teams “chicos vs chicas,” Failor spun the wheel and Hightower called out the colors in Spanish for the students to respond. Failor also participated and added a point to the chicos’ team.

Failor’s relationship with principal Mimi Robinson and Connally includes the donation of three school murals, a Connally Magic Theater, a luncheon for National Teachers Day, and the Brian Adam Failor Memorial Scholarship in honor of his son. Established in 2008, the scholarship is awarded to a Connally fifth-grader who exhibits high academics, character and citizenship.

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