Principal for a Day: Jackson Elementary welcomes Target’s Andy Morris

Target's Andy Morris talks to Jackson Elementary's PTA while Principal Lorraine Reich listens.

Warren T. Jackson Elementary put its best foot forward in hosting Target Store Team Leader Andy Morris as its Principal for a Day. Principal Lorraine Reich showed off one of the school’s biggest assets — its teachers — following a video presentation for the community partner. Morris met members of the school’s PTA, including Co-Presidents Jennifer Wray and Marianna Pressgrove.

“We have a unique relationship with our parents and the community,” Reich pointed out during the visit, which is just another indication of Target’s commitment to Atlanta Public Schools. “Our PTA is heavily involved in our school, whic included a fundraiser for our Promethean Boards.”

Morris was impressed with Jackson’s approach: “You could tell that the kids wanted to be engaged in the classroom, and they wanted to sit in the front. I was simply blown away with what I saw!”

L-r: PTA Co-President Jennifer Wray, Principal Lorraine Reich, Target's Andy Morris, PTA Co-President Marianna Pressgrove

Morris came with tidings of great news heading into the holidays: As part of Target’s partnership, he brought a $3,500 gift card, a gift certificate worth $2,000 for new books for the media center, and said there was an $8,000 account waiting for the International Baccalaureate school at the Super Target at Perimeter Mall.

Following the presentation, Reich took Morris on a tour of the new Jackson Primary annex school down the road. Unfortunately, the other Principal for a Day, Carolyn Young of GoodWorks International, was unable to attend.

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