Principal for a Day: Toomer Elementary welcomes Valarie Acree, Anthony Jewett

PFAD @ Toomer - Mr. Jarret and Ms. Acree - with Prin. Jones
Toomer Elementary Principal Nicole Evans Jones hosts Anthony Jewett and Valarie Acree.

Toomer Elementary‘s Principal for a Day featured a double-shot of community partners as Valarie Acree, Target Assets Protection Team Leader, and Anthony Jewett, Zeist Foundation Fellow, visited the school in their honarary role.

The Principals for a Day began their morning with an inspirational announcement to students, parents, faculty and staff. “I am so excited to be here, said Jewett.” “Principal for a Day really gave me a chance to come inside the walls of Atlanta Public Schools and see all the wonderful things that I so often hear about.”

New Toomer principal Nicole Evans Jones provided an overview of the Direct Instruction reading model and the Mandarin Chinese language program that also extends to Coan, the feeder middle school. A school tour followed with observations of reading, mathematics and foreign language instruction.

The PFADs were “assigned” to lunch duty where they interacted one-on-one with students and heard first-hand about instruction and activities at the school. “We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Toomer in support of our commitment to public education,” said Acree. “There are wonderful things happening here at Toomer and inside of Atlanta Public Schools.”

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  1. Nicole Evans Jones provided an overview to steudent that they reading model and the Mandarin Chinese language program .It was great moment.

  2. When Toomer announced these sentence that time all of people was so happy and they are feeling very good.It was great because a teacher was getting more respect.Really it was very nice moment and unforgettable.

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