Middle school football championship game: Harper-Archer


The APS middle school football season’s championship game between Harper-Archer and Parks was rained out last Saturday, and has been rescheduled for 5:30 p.m. today (Thursday) at Lakewood Stadium.

The game features two undefeated teams, with both sporting 6-0 records. Both teams also sport high-scoring offenses with stifling defenses; Harper-Archer has registered three shutouts, while Parks  has posted four. Because they played in different divisions, the two teams didn’t play the same opponent so there’s no real way to compare the two against head-to-head competition.

So who will win? Hard to say. But what we can do is ask the respective coaches what they think of their respective team’s success this season, and their opportunity to win today. We asked each coach the same set of questions, and here are their answers.

First up: Harper-Archer head coach Jerry Willard

HAMS-JerryWillardWhat has been the key to your team’s success?
The key to our success has been our work ethic. We work extensively on the fundamentals.

What will be the key to winning Thursday’s game?
Not turning the ball over and creating as many turnovers as possible.

Who is your offensive player to watch?
Marcus More-Williams, our tight end, is an excellent all-around player. He can block, catch, and run. He is a 5-foot-10, 155-pound eighth-grader.

Who is your defensive player to watch?
Tyler Williams one of our inside linebackers has quick feet and can tackle. He is a 5-foot-3, 135-pound eighth-grader.

What has this season shown you about your players’ dedication and commitment to excellence on the field?
Our team understood the relationship between hard work and success. If you work hard at something and want it bad enough it can happen.

Next up: Parks head coach Attica Landers.

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  1. we did an awesome job i wish i could go back to those days we all were a family i think we should have a 8th grade reunion

  2. ayyy my team man i new yall would have made it im proud of yall

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