Produce of the Month: Romaine lettuce

This month APS’ nutrition department is celebrating Romaine lettuce from Fresh-Pick Farms in Kinston, N.C., as its produce of the month. Did you know that every day as a part of our Fruit & Veggie Selection, we serve fresh Romaine lettuce from North Carolina? North Carolina has been home to Romaine lettuce production since the late 1800s. Romaine Lettuce stands alone with its crispy texture, bright green color, and nutrient dense profile. So, if you want to maximize the health benefits of your salad, start with Romaine lettuce. This lettuce is extremely low in calorie content, high in water volume and fiber, very high in vitamin A, K, C, folate, manganese and chromium. Romaine lettuce will keep in the refrigerator for five to seven days and should not be stored near apples, bananas, or pears because they will cause the lettuce leaves to turn brown.

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