Dobbs students get a special science lesson

When first-graders at Dobbs Elementary finished their science standards, Principal Dana Evans knew how ensure young minds remembered the information. She simply called for backup. Fortunately,  11 Alive meteorologist Chesley McNeil was ready, willing and able to show students exactly how science applies to daily life.

A visit from the Channel 11 weather van kept boys and girls focused on the water table, as well as tornado safety and other science-driven elements of the weather. McNeil said that the school visits allow him to celebrate his love of science. “Third or fourth grade is when students seem to turn their attention to other things,” he said. “Anything I can do to bring that love back makes me happy.”

Students crowded around the weather van for a closer look at all the gadgets required for a location report. First-grader Kashay Bass said the cameras were, “cool.” But she really enjoyed learning about what to do during a tornado.

“You have to get under a table or go to the basement and take cover,” she noted.

Six-year-old Camille Hughes also learned a few more science lessons during McNeill’s visit. She said he helped explain evaporation, which was part of students’ discussion of the water table.

“This real-life approach to science is good for the students,” Principal Evans said. “It helps for them to see professionals in the field of science.”

Stay tuned, a Dobbs student may provide the weather report on your news station someday soon.

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  1. Hi,do you guys remember me it’s Kashay! I don’t attend Dobbs anymore. I attend Wesley International Academy. I’m in 4th grade now but I still love science!!!!!!

    Kashay Bass

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