Morningside Elementary hosts One Academic Fair

Once again, Morningside Elementary hosted the annual One Academic Fair, on Tuesday. The “One Fair,” as it is called, encourages students to extend their understanding of high-interest concepts by completing a formal project.

Kindergarten-through-second grade students have the process modeled for them with the completion of classroom projects. Upper-grade students (third through fifth grades) complete projects individually, in pairs, or in a trio. Project topics come from three general content areas: science, social studies and math.

Once completed, the projects are set up in the auditorium for judging. Judges are invited from within and outside of the district. Using a common scoring sheet, participants are interviewed by a pair of judges, who each score the project. The project’s final score is an average of the judges’ individual scores.

Congratulations to all the winners …

The following students scored a perfect 100 in the area of science:

Robert Mobley (3rd grade) — “Which Liquid will Rust a Nail Quickest?
Andrew Bradburn (5th grade) — “Why Objects Float”
Nell Kropp (3rd grade) — “How Does Yeast Affect Baking Bread?”
Lila Ashraf (3rd grade) — “Water transportation in Plants Versus Inorganic Materials”
Jack Stegelman (3rd grade) — “The Sound of Speed”

High scores in the area of math (98%):

Jared Steckl and Kolby Morton (5th grade) — “Balloons Galore”
Gabby Castle (3rd grade) — “How Weight Affects Flight”

High scores in social studies (91+%):

Jackson Bannon (5th grade) — “Col. Paul Bannon”
Bridgette Boggs (4th grade) — “Who Were the Inuit and How Did They Live?”
Corinne Polo-Pickens (4th grade) — “Who was Frida Kahlo?”
Justice Frederick and Jatiana Wilson (5th grade) — “The R.M.S. Titanic: What Caused the Unsinkable Ship to Sink?”

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