Learning disabled? With South Atlanta High’s Larry Baker, how can you tell?

We just had to share this awesome letter from South Atlanta High senior Larry Baker (pictured above, middle), who has an amazing story to tell:

“My name is Larry Baker. I am a senior at South Atlanta Educational Complex. I am currently holding the office of [Georgia’s Career & Technical Instruction] Vice President. The CTI program assists students with disabilities with making successful career path choices. Although I have a learning disability, this program has helped me to enhance and develop my career goals through career assessments, leadership city and state competitions, college fieldtrips, job shadowing, special counseling, leadership training, workshops and community service activities.

“Being enlisted in the National Guard and the CTI program has empowered my ability to be a leader because I represent the entire Atlanta Public Schools in the state of Georgia. I now speak before very large groups of people and have met state coordinators and other students with disabilities throughout our state who are trailblazers; this experience has built up my confidence because it magnifies my abilities and has caused me to become more accountable for my lifestyle choices in every area of my life.

“After graduation from high school this spring I will be attending Le Cordeu Bleu College [of Culinary Arts Atlanta] and become a chef in a fine-dining restaurant. I believe that I really can make a difference in my community and state and my world.”

Just to be clear: Mr. Baker is a senior at South Atlanta, is already enlisted in the National Guard, and plans to attend Le Cordon Bleu to become a chef — thanks in part to his work in the National Guard! Impressive. Read more here.

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