Morris Brandon Elementary helps get out the vote

Recently, the Buckhead Coalition dreamed up a promotion to urge citizens to vote. Our city was electing a new mayor, new council members and school board members. They offered each school in the Buckhead area $1 per “I Voted” sticker up to $800. They upped the bet for an additional $1,000 for the best presentation of the stickers.

Brandon Elementary’s International Baccalaureate coordinator, Theresa Bowen, and our school ambassador, Mary Plumer, came up with an idea: “We are all under the umbrella of the world.” The school took the idea of being under the umbrella of Atlanta, our community, our school and our students – that everyone is a part of one big idea. The students were very excited about the competition and encouraged their parents not only to get out and vote, but also to turn in the stickers. Everyone watched as the stickers were turned in.

 Brandon turned the “umbrella” idea in to the Buckhead Coalition after Election Day. The school was so excited about getting its community involved in this small project. You could see it as representatives walked in the doors of Buckhead Coalition President Sam Massell’s office.

 The company witnessed the infectious smiles. Morris Brandon showed its commitment to the children, therefore the parents and even the neighborhoods.

The Buckhead Coalition decided that it wasn’t necessarily the “art” that won the competition, but the enthusiasm that forced a tie with North Atlanta High’s art department’s rendering.

Thanks to Brandon Media Specialist Claudia Zurbrick for the info.

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