F.L. Stanton Elementary students craft their own season’s greetings

Kaufman Realty Group, one of the school partners of F.L. Stanton Elementary, sends out a holiday card each year and asks the school’s students to participate. F.L. Stanton art teacher Carmen Smith selects students to participate. Kaufman Group then selects a winner and presents the winner with a gift.

This year, Sydney Stepney in Edwards’ fifth-grade class won first place! Her original drawing and the card itself (see above) were frame into this beautiful art piece. Sydney received her artwork and card in a frame, a gift card to Wal-Mart, a balloon, and treats for her class as first-place winner.

This isn’t the first rodeo for Sydney, who finished fourth place in the same contest back in the third grade. She’s also active in poetry, math, reading and writing contests as well, so this victory was especially sweet. “I had to keep my hands over my face I was just so thrilled that I had finally won. It was pretty awesome,” said Sydney, who is also active as a majorette and gymnast and attends the Lena Jean Academy for gifted students once a week. “I love to read and write and work on art. And I love going to school.”

Other students who participated and received Wal-Mart gift cards were:

Diamond Haggins, fifth grade – Dr. Nnenia Hill
Krystile Carlton, fourth grade – Greggory Conley
Autumn Stepney, third grade – Christi Giddens
Nylah Everson, third grade – Ms. Giddens
Keonna Bailey, third grade – Ms. Giddens
Raven Lundy, third grade – Vanessa Wilson
Oyinday Fisher, third grade – Ms. Wilson

“We met and gained partnership with Mr. Craig Kaufman, owner of Kaufman Realty Group, as a result of Principal for a Day in October 2007,” said F.L. Stanton Principal Dr. Marlo Barber. “Since that time, Mr. Kaufman has been active and involved in the lives of F.L. Stanton’s students.” Kaufman had a great time at the event, and posed for a nice photo with Sydney to celebrate the moment. (At right.)

Thanks to Dr. Barber for sharing this great news with us.

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