Carter G. Woodson Elementary celebrates the holidays with a few friends

Lila Womack and Friends sponsored an annual holiday program on Tuesday that benefited the 434 students of Carter G. Woodson Elementary School. The event was held at Douglass High School. The highlights of the event included a student showcase of all of the clubs and opportunities available in high school presented by current Douglass High School students, and an original play written by 2006 Douglass alum Kaliah Womack, now a senior at Clark Atlanta University.

The event also featured introductions of Douglass High School alumni who are currently enrolled in various colleges throughout the country, and an inspirational message from Ms. Womack, a former Douglass High School parent and community advocate who raised the funds to provide a new popular toy for every student in grades Pre-K through fifth grade. In addition, two brand new bicycles were purchased for grades Pre-K to 5, and a male and female student were selected to win the bicycle via a random drawing. Students were challenged to set goals on attending and completing high school and college, and each student left the event with a brand new popular toy in hand.

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  1. Please correct- The play writer is – KHALILAH WOMACK–Please correct- verification would have prevented this error.

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