Georgia State seminar helps prepare Washington High’s Early College Students for the next step

Early College students at Booker T. Washington High School embarked upon their first interactions with college learning on Jan. 20 with their participation in the Georgia State University (GSU) 1010 Seminar.

The GSU 1010 Seminar is a semester-long class that will introduce Early College students to aspects of college life and college learning. A representative from Georgia State, Tene Harris, is the coordinator of the seminar, and will also teach and facilitate some of the sessions. The first session focused on an Introduction to College Myths and Facts. During this session, students worked cooperatively in groups to create a KWL chart pertaining to the topic and to discuss information identified in their chart. Destiny Dunn, a student at Early College states, “I enjoyed the session today, the information was interesting. I believe that the students will appreciate GSU 1010.”

According to Dr. Vanessa M. Nason, principal at Washington’s Early College: “GSU 1010 is an exceptional opportunity for the ninth grade students at Early College. Ms. Harris has worked diligently to develop an exciting program for 9th grade students. This seminar will enable students to plan and commit themselves to beginning GSU after their sophomore year of high school.”

Upcoming GSU 1010 sessions include:
“Critical Thinking Learning using The Miseducation of the Negro
“Writing Workshop: Writing Effectively in College”
“How to be Successful in College”
“What College Professors Expect”
“How to Stay Motivated in College”
“Critical Thinking: Competing in a Global Economy”

The GSU1010 Seminar will take place during the second semester of the 2010 school year. Harris will join guest speakers and other faculty and staff members from Georgia State to meet with the students twice per month at the Early College campus during the advisory period. Harris states,“sessions will be interactive, engaging, reflective and informative.”

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