Make sure students travel safely to school each day

Last week, Miles Elementary teacher Tiffany Williams-McCloud bravely helped a student who was confronted by a stray animal near the school. It’s an important reminder to review the bus safety tips and other safety rules reinforced in the 2009-10 Guidebook. The Fall issue of The Atlanta Educator also featured handy tips. You can read that information here. The most important tips, when walking near dogs …

1. Never approach a stray dog.
2. Never run away from a stray dog; that is likely to prompt the dog to chase you.
3. If a dog approaches you, be quiet, stand still and keep your arms close to your body.
4. Do not attempt to pet an unfamiliar dog.
5. Do not put place hands over or through a fence to feed or pet an unknown dog.
6. Just because a dog’s tail is wagging, it does not always mean it is friendly.

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