Mary Lin Elementary project focuses on help for Haiti’s babies

In an effort to help babies who are struggling in Haiti, Mary Lin Elementary School has collected diapers and baby wipes. The collection was done during the week of Jan. 21-28, and provided a great experience for children to be able to help. The school collected 3,013 diapers and 13,548 baby wipes. Everyone in the Mary Lin community has been amazed at the level of support in this humanitarian effort, according to teacher Patricia Derrico.

Derrico tells us that it all started with a Mary Lin neighbor, David Baumgarten, who started a Donations for Haiti project that rapidly expanded beyond his front
porch to the City Storage, on Ponce de Leon Place. “In the listing of items needed, there was not much for babies,” Derrico said. “My husband and I had become very concerned about the struggling situation of babies in Haiti. We saw on CNN how it was really hard to keep all of those babies clean. I brought the idea to my principal, Brian Mitchell, and he immediately supported me. We decided to do the drive for diapers and wipes. Diapers because they are hard and expensive to find, and wipes to keep them clean. We did it for a week, and the children were so good about it.” 

For more information about the person and organization that is helping Mary Lin bring this donation to Haiti, click here.

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