Meet the Atlanta Families’ Awards winners: Gregory Coleman

We continue our series of profiles on the winners of the Atlanta Families’ Awards for Excellence in Education with a profile of Gregory Coleman of Parkside Elementary. In 1998, Coleman moved to Atlanta from New York City, after graduating from the State University of New York at Stony Brook.  Upon moving to Atlanta, Coleman worked with Enterprise for four and a half years.  However, he had a desire to do something more fulfilling.

In 2003 he was accepted into the Atlanta Plus program, which recruits successful professionals to teach in APS’ classrooms.  While teaching at Dobbs Elementary School for two years, he completed his teaching certification and masters’ degree from Georgia State University. Currently, Coleman is a third-grade teacher at Parkside, where he has been for the past five years. While working at Parkside, he has had the pleasure of serving as the chair of the leadership team, a mentor teacher to several university students, chair of the first all-male oratorical competition at Parkside, the Teacher of the Year for 2008-09, and completed a specialist degree in leadership, from Lincoln Memorial University. In 2007, Mr. Coleman was the featured teacher in the “Ask a Teacher” column of Atlanta Parent magazine. Coleman believes that his greatest impact can be seen in the honesty, determination and passion exhibited by his children.

Coleman’s Atlanta Families’ Awards project is entitled “The Savannah Exploration Tour.” He plans to take 23 students on a one-day exploration tour to Savannah. It is Georgia’s oldest city, and has a rich history that would incorporate many aspects of the past two years of learning. On this tour, Coleman’s students will become photojournalists and have the opportunity to photograph, explore, and journal their journey through the streets, squares, monuments, and buildings of Savannah. The students will be able to connect previously learned knowledge to new knowledge and deepen their understanding of the Georgia Performance Standards.

“This really connects the prior knowledge to current learning to see that learning is real,” Coleman said. “We want them to see how it unfolds in everyday life.”

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  1. Greg,
    Your graduating hs class is looking for you. Look for us on facebook!
    Diana Diaz Torres or Debbie Jadubans!

  2. Surprise, surprise, surprise. and third grade? that’s the age where our young minds are just beginning to ripen. It is so exciting to know that the future minds of America will have you to thank for that. Keep on giving . Never a failure, always a lesson.

  3. Congratulations Gregory coleman on your many accomplishments and your willingness to devote your talents and energy to teaching our future leaders. I applaud your dedication and successes thus far which can make a tremendous difference in the lives and outlook of your students. Thank you.

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