APS student-athletes in football and basketball show their college stripes on National Signing Day

APS student-athletes from around the district signed national letters-of-intent to play football and basketball for the colleges of their choice on Wednesday, Feb. 3 — the vaunted National Signing Day — in a ceremony held at The New Schools of Carver. All of the star APS athletes were there to make their commitment official, most notably blue-chip football players like the No. 1 defensive lineman in the nation, Douglass’ Garrison Smith, who signed with Georgia, as did girls’ basketball star (and McDonald’s All-America candidate) Khaalidah Miller. Other blue-chip athletes who signed were Washington High teammates Quadral Forte (a quarterback who signed with West Virginia) and Antonio Goodwin (a defensive back who signed with Auburn).

Just as impressively were the outstanding performances by players off the field. Douglass High girls basketball coach Vernise Harris-Hill said goodbye to five guards who sported at least a 3.4 grade point average. (Brooke Smith takes her 3.9 GPA to Georgia Tech; Chelsea Warfield is still deciding between Mississippi State and St. Johns; Gardenia Wilson is headed to North Georgia; and Cheryl Wade is split between Florida A&M and Texas-El Paso.)

Mays High wide receiver-defensive back Acey Palmer chose the Air Force Academy, where he will take his 3.4 grade-point average and 22 ACT score. “I could tell the coaches provide a really nurturing atmosphere and have your best interests in mind, especially with academics,” said Palmer, who made his decision after last weekend’s campus visit. He was particularly impressed with the Air Force’s graduation rate for student-athletes, which is among the nation’s highest. palmer says he wants to be a pilot.

Grady’s Christopher Walton thanked the Play It Smart program for helping him get a football scholarship to the University of Alabama-Birmingham. The program allows academic coaches at schools in the district to bring in tutors to help student-athletes with everything from academics to navigating the complicated recruiting process. “Not all of us know the process as far as when to take the SAT or ACT,” said Walton. “They help us improve our grades. My academic coach (Alexis Yancey) really helped. I mean, my parents were always telling me to do well in school and encouraged me, but she helped give me that extra push, and the [Play It Smart] tutor really helped me a lot in math.”

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 A list of student-athletes and their schools is at the jump …

New Schools at Carver
Darryl Byrd Football Scholarship- University of Charleston-Parents: Melanie Byrd
Deric Scptt Football Scholarship-UAB- Parent: Tammy Scott
Brendan Johnson Brendan Johnson- Alabama A & M- Parent: Trina Johnson
Frederick Douglass High School
Tommy Gooden Football Scholarship-Jackson State University-Parents: Pamela & Bernard Gooden
Garrison Smith Football Scholarship-University of Georgia-Parents: Cynthia & Greg Smith
Khaaadliah Miller Basketball Scholarship-University of Georgia-Parents: Phyllis & Willie Miller
Cheryl Wade Basketball Scholarship- FAMU-Parents: Dalvin & Michelle Stephens
Gardenia Wilson Basketball Scholarship-North Georgia or Georgia State University-Parents: James & Cecilia Wilson
Chelsa Warfied Basketball Scholarship-Mississippi State or St. Johns University-Parents: Chester & Yvonne Warfield
Brooke Smith Academic Scholarship-Georgia Tech-Parent: Terry McCray (Basketball Player in High School)
Henry W. Grady High School
Christopher Walton Football Scholarship-UAB-Parents: Gartrell & Valek Walton
Maynard Jackson High School
Otis Powell Football Scholarship-Shaw University-Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Otis Powell
Jose Avelar Football Scholarship-Lincoln University-Parent: Jose Avelar
Antavious Earls Football Scholarship-Lincoln University-Parent: Anthony Earls
Oscar Sims Football Scholarship-Lincoln University: Parents:
Terrell Dantzler Football Scholarship-Fayetteville State-Parents Mr. & Mrs. Raymond McDougal
Benjamin E. Mays High School
Acey Palmer Football Scholarship- Airforce, Tuskegee University or Presbyterian-Parents Acey Sr & Mary Palmer
Tim Wynn Football Scholarship-West Carolina, Western Kentucky, Illinois, or Georgia State-Parents: Tim & Keteria Wynn
Tyrell Adams Football Scholarship-University of Charleston, State University of West GA, Shaw University or Robert Morris-Parent: Wyketia Adams
Mario Turner Football Scholarship-Grambling State University-Parent: Stephanie Hammonds
Kendra Long Basketball Scholarship-Georgia Tech-Parents: Kedral Long
Joshua Reese Academic Scholarship-College of Wooster- Parents: (Football Player in High School)
Kavian Anderson Academic Scholarship-Fisk University, Winston-Salem State University, or Kentucky State University-Parents:
North Atlanta High School (100% of Senior Athletics Received Scholarships)
Anthony Jordan Football Scholarship-Bethune Cookman University-Parents: Rhonda Jordan & Aaron Allen
Chaz Moulder Football Scholarship-Tusculum College-Parent: Audrey Thornton
Justin Browning Football Scholarship-Tusculum College-Parent: Clint Browning
Lironta Archie Football Scholarship-Tusculum College-Parent: Dashaye Archie
Todd McKinley Football Scholarship-Concordia College-Parents: Larry B Carr Jr. & Emily McKinley
Michael Wells Football Scholarship-Concordia College-Parent: Janice Todd
Joshua Burton Football Scholarship-Concordia College-Parent: Shirley turner
Darriyn Lomax Football Scholarship-Concordia College-Parent: Carla Lomax
Christopher Brown Football Scholarship-Concordia College-Parent: Tami Brown
Brenton Nelson Football Scholarship-Concordia College-Parent: Leshon Stewart
South Atlanta Educational Complex
Joshua Davis Football Scholarship, Tusculum College-Parent: Michelle & Bobby Davis
Booker T. Washington
Desmond Barnes Paine College-Parent: Lynne Barnes
Quadral Forte Football Scholarship-West Virginia-Parent: Ashanti Howard
Antonio Goodwin Football Scholarship-Auburn University or West Virginia-Parent: Regnatta Jones-Goodwin
Jatavious Lumpkin Football Scholarship-Edward Waters-Parent: Shirley Lumpkin


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  1. Tommy (phyco),Khaalidah,Garrison (Big G0, Cheryl, and Gardenia (Gee). best there is was and ever will be

  2. I am so proud of Khaalidah i always knew that basketball was going to put her on top much love to u and good job on your scholarship

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