Perkerson Elementary honors its accelerated readers

Perkerson Elementary School will host an accelerated-reader celebration, “Exciting/Challenging Board Games,” from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Friday at the school’s media center. Accelerated-reader superstars are students passing five or more reading practice quizzes scoring 80 percent or higher in the first semester.

The school’s Accelerated Reader Program provides incentives and rewards as recognition for those students who have achieved above and beyond the minimum AR standards. Perkerson’s students and teachers are able to evaluate their progress by consulting the AR visual display board. AR promotes literacy excellence by developing literacy skills through reading comprehension and vocabulary enrichment. Students are actively engaged in reading that is fun, informative and skill building. Perkerson is proud to applaud and support student achievers who may sometimes give out, but never give up.

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