F.L. Stanton and White elementary schools join APS efforts to help Haiti

Walter White and Frank L. Stanton elementary school students and staff and gotten into the help for Haiti. At White, students and staff collected items by grade levels and the administration. The school was able to donate many needed supplies. Among the supplies were toiletry items, water, medical supplies, baby food and other baby needs. Students helped place boxes of items in our cars and we delivered them to a drop off location sponsored by The Haitian Alliance, Inc. It was a very rewarding experience for all of the students and faculty.

At Stanton, staff and students focused on donating cases of bottled water. “After we began the collection, we were told by the agency we were intending to make our donation that water was to costly to deliver,” said Ms. Dale W. Tate, guidance counselor for both schools. “We immediately changed our direction and students began collecting money to be donated to the Red Cross.” Proceeds go to the Hope for Haiti Project.

“It was an awesome experience,” Ms. Tate continued. ” Students were very eager to contribute; they also assisted in decorating the boxes where we collected the items.   There was never a question about why we were helping.  They simply knew there were people who came across hard times and needed our immediate attention. We had the opportunity to help neighbors that were in desperate need and we knew we had to do it generously and quickly.”

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