Inman Middle kicks in once again for Haiti

Hat tip to Inman Middle School health teacher Kandy Wilkinson, for sharing yet another heartwarming story about schools around APS pitching in for Haiti. This time we thank Hope Van Duyne, a seventh-grader who Ms. Wilkinson says was inspired to do something for the people in Haiti after learning of the devastation caused by the recent earthquake. Hope’s idea was to launch a penny drive for two weeks and raise as much money that could help purchase water purifying packets to be made in Haiti, and then handed out to the people to make their water safer to drink. The goal was set for $1,000, but by the time all the money was counted, along with a bake sale, the school proudly reached its goal of $1,200.

“As the last week approached, more students were coming up to me, asking if they could help more with the fundraiser,” Wilkinson said. “Hopefully, this tragedy that occurred taught the students of Inman Middle School about caring for people they may not know who are outside their own community, but also the importance of giving and reaching out to others. For two weeks, many students of Inman who gave to this fundraiser were on the same team. A job well done, Eagles!”

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