Save the date: The traveling Bunce Island exhibit, March 3-5

(UPDATE: Opening reception for the exhibit is at 6 p.m. Wednesday, March 3, at the Carver media center.)

Carver’s School of Health Sciences & Research hosts the traveling Bunce Island exhibit running March 3-5. The exhibit will serve as a belated component of Carver’s many Black History Month presentations. Bunce Island (off the coast of Sierra Leone) is a historic site that played a key role in the United States slave trade. During the mid- and late-1700s, it housed 40 slave castles used to board and transport thousands of African captives to Southern states such as Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. The traveling exhibit contains numerous images, texts and drawings underscore the island’s historic connection to rice-growing regions of mainland North America. There also will be a brief eight-minute video and information on the development of the Gullah/Geeche culture, which originated on Bunce Island.

The exhibit will be moving soon. So, if time permits, stop by and gain a small piece of African-America history.

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