Parkside Elementary provides good cheer for Haiti

Parkside Elementary is known for giving and supporting, but  this year, they have gone all out!. Gregory Coleman, a third-grade teacher and winner of an Atlanta Families’ Award, along with his student teacher, Ms. Walker, came up with the idea of supporting the victims of the Haiti earthquake.  After sharing it with Armelia Braddy, the cheerleader sponsor, she decided to be the caretaker and keep the donations organized and in order. It has proven to be a huge success, especially with Principal Dr. Phillip Luck, who has been very supportive and encouraging everyone to participate.

After only one week, the school hopes to continue this support for at least a couple of weeks, especially when a nearby Haitian church volunteered to transport the items directly to Haiti. Parkside is truly a caring school.

2 thoughts on “Parkside Elementary provides good cheer for Haiti

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  1. Yay way to go cheerleaders, yeah way to go for your helping Haiti.

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