ATL Readers All-Boy Book Club emphasizes importance of reading

Reading enhances a person’s character, intelligence, and critical-thinking skills. Since October 2008, the ATL Readers have taken the initiative to further expand the relevance of reading through an all-boys book club for ages 5-14.

Each month, ATL Readers meet to discuss their previous book and decide on the next selection. Although a book club may be a responsibility for such young ages, the effort has  support from parents and froup facilitators, who seek to encourage and inspire a love for reading among young black boys.

Not only do they aim to increase reading skills but they also manage to incorporate community service into their goals. Last year, ATL Readers partnered with “BookPals,” a nonprofit traveling literary circle that visits different schools, the organization also reads to students at Barnes & Noble events. Group facilitators believe that continuously participating in community activities will build the boys’ confidence and keep them enthusiastic about reading and learning.

Meetings are held in the South Fulton community from 3 p. m to 5 p.m. All members of the club receive reminder calls one week and three days prior to the meetings. For more information about the organization, please contact Shaun or Douglas Young at or 404-699-1509.

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