Meet the Atlanta Families’ Awards winners: Kenya Greer

We continue our series on the Atlanta Families’ Awards winners with a look at Kenya Greer, a first grade teacher at Cascade Elementary School. This is her 13th year of teaching on the elementary level. She earned her B.S. degree in elementary education from Alabama State University in 1997. Greer has taught in the Fulton County, Birmingham City and Atlanta Public school systems. She feels each school has allowed her to experience many successes and challenges, but has learned to add her own creativity and style while adapting to different environments. Greeris flexible when it comes to change, and has a positive outlook because it helps her to grow into the person that she is.

Greer considers herself as a lifelong learner, and always is open-minded to the latest teaching methods and trends in Education. Last December, she completed an Educational Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership and Supervision from Lincoln Memorial University. After finishing, Kenya felt empowered to volunteer more in the community and facilitate at several local conferences. In Fulton, she has also mentored many Georgia Teacher Alternative Preparation Program (GTAPP) student-teachers from Georgia State University. She has served on numerous committees and facilitated a few workshops at Cascade.

Throughout the summer months, you can find Greer working as a camp coordinator for performing arts with the Southwest Arts Center or just traveling. Last May, she recently finished a TESA Reading Endorsement certificate with Atlanta Public Schools. She finds complete fulfillment in helping children grow and learn in the classroom. She is hoping to work more with curriculum development, staff development and even write several children’s books in the near future. To push her education limits further, she started her doctoral degree in Leadership. She should be finishing in May 2011. Her plans are to always make a difference in the lives of all children and in the community.

For her Atlanta Families’ Awards project, “Growing Young Minds” Greer will provide an opportunity for children to explore science. Her project will allow teachers to teach with indoor gardens throughout the year. The project will consist of five mobile science labs that will be shared among the grade levels. “We already have an outdoor garden, but it doesn’t allow the students to utilize it throughout the year,” she explains. “We want to have one for each grade level, and rotate it among the grade levels. Our science test scores have declined and we think we can align this project with the Georgia Performance Standards, and not just with science, but also with math, literature and social studies.

9 thoughts on “Meet the Atlanta Families’ Awards winners: Kenya Greer

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  1. Kenya, Congratulations on your accomplishements in 2010. May 2011 bring you many, many, more.

  2. I knew there was something special about you.. good job and may God continue blessing you so you may bless others..

    – Lamar

  3. Kenya Greer is an outstanding contributor to our society. A true inspiration in helping children maximize their potential. She is one of the most impressive people that I have ever met. God Bless U Kenya!

  4. There’s something very special about a 1st Grade Teacher. My 1st Grade Teacher provided me with a great foundation and had a very positive impact on my life. Miss Greer is providing that same type of influence on her students. Her students will never forget her patience and the wonderful things that they learned in her classroom. APS is on the move!

  5. Wow! This is the kind of drive and passion that is needed across the board in every school system. I am ultimately impressed with her desire to continue to grow through her educational accomplishments. KUDOS to Ms. Greer!!

  6. Mr. Crawford (in the 3rd post) summed it up when he mentioned Kenya’s passion. She is so very passionate about her profession, and the young lives that she is helping to shape. Elementary school for me was many many years ago; but I still remember my 1st grade teacher. There is no doubt in my mind that many of Kenya’s present students will remember the impact that Ms. Greer had on their lives. Way to go, Kenya! Congratulations!

  7. Ms. Greer is definitely an asset to Atlanta Public Schools and we are very fortunate to have her as a member of the APS Family. During a fixed assets audit at Cascade Elementary, I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Greer. During our conversation, I was mesmerized by her passion for the teaching profession and her intelligence. She truly deserves this recognition.

  8. Hi Kenya. We are all so proud of you and your dedication to helping children and adults become better educated. You are a true inspiration not only to your family but to all who are blessed to cross your path. Great job.

  9. We need more teachers like Ms. Greer in our school system. Ms Greer’s dedication to teaching students in new ways is an inspiration to the teaching profession. Absolutely a dedicated professional of which all APS members can be proud of her accomplishments.

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