More kudos to North Atlanta High! Guidance counselor Terina Isaac is honored by College Board

North Atlanta High School guidance counselor Terina Isaac (pictured above, at left, with a student) has been named the College Board‘s Counselor of the Year for the Southeast Region. Isaac learned of the honor in January, and will be honored at a breakfast on Friday (Feb. 19) morning, held as part of the 2010 Regional Forum in Atlanta.

“I am truly humbled, honored and grateful for the opportunity to represent North Atlanta High as well as Atlanta Public Schools for such recognition,” said Isaac, who has been the school’s counselor since the 2007-08 school year. “I could never have been considered if it were not for my students’ determination and decision to be successful. I would assume that my nominators would be able to give you more information about why they chose me, but speaking for myself, I am still in a daze!”

Sure enough, her former students gush with praise over how Isaac has helped them over the years — including Danielle Galloway, who in  her nominating letter detailed how Isaac helped her deal with transferring to North Atlanta and a challenging personal life. “Ms. Isaac, in school on a professional level, you always made sure that I was doing what I had to do as a student,” Galloway wrote. “There were no exceptions for me; I still had to do exactly what was expected of any other student at North Atlanta High School. Outside of school, where you invited me into your heart, into your family you gave me hope. You allowed me to see that there are people out there that do things just out of a good natured heart.” Galloway is now on a Posse scholarship at Boston University.

Isaac previously taught at Inman Middle School.

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