How the APS community can report report waste, abuse, fraud, and other compliance-related issues

Confidential Tips Hotline                                              404-802-1700

Confidential Tips Email                                      

Responsibility of Administrators, Employees, Contractors, and the Public

The Atlanta Public Schools’ (APS) administrators, employees, and contractors generally abide by policies, laws and regulations. However, incidents of mismanagement, abuse, or fraudulent acts may occur. Administrators at all levels of management and contractors, vendors and members of the public should set the appropriate tone by displaying the proper attitude toward complying with laws, rules, and regulations, and are responsible for establishing and maintaining proper internal controls which will provide for the security and accountability of the resources entrusted to them. In addition, administrators should be cognizant of the risks and exposures inherent in their area of responsibility, and be aware of the symptoms of fraudulent or other dishonest acts, should they occur. In those instances where internal controls need strengthening, it is necessary to consult with the Office of Internal Compliance for assistance on how to enhance those controls.

Complaint Process

The Office of Internal Compliance established its Hotline to facilitate the reporting of allegations involving fraud, waste, misuse or mismanagement of Atlanta Public Schools’ assets and resources. Administrators, employees, contractors, or members of the public are encouraged to come forward, when warranted, with allegations of abuse, mismanagement, suspicious activities or wrongdoing. Additionally, in some cases, facts may arise during internal audits where further investigation is necessary. In reporting instances of fraud, waste, mismanagement, misconduct, and other abuses within the APS system in the following manner:

Situation   Contact 
Incidents  of mismanagement, waste, abuse and fraud Office of Internal Compliance:(404) 802-1700
Complaints and grievances involving allegations of employee wrongdoing (unrelated to fraud) Office of Internal Resolution/ Employee Relations: (404) 802-2362


To report fraud, waste and abuse anonymously, download, complete and mail the reporting form to:

Atlanta Public Schools
Office of Internal Compliance
130 Trinity Avenue, 7th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303  
Please include as much detail as possible in anonymous reports, including but not necessarily limited to locations, times, dates, names of individuals involved and other specific information to facilitate the district’s investigation into these allegations and reports.

Fraud Waste Abuse Form

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