Grady and Douglass students show why they’re great debaters

Students from Grady High School and Douglass High School competed recently at the Georgia High School Association State Debate Tournament. Grady had four students compete in the A-AA-AAA division and Douglass had four students compete in the AAAA-AAAAA division. Although it was Grady’s first appearance in the state tournament, they accomplished what most would consider impossible. Grady went undefeated in competition and prevailed in winning the state title, seized it from the Pace team that has held its lock on the tournament for twenty-five years. Grady’s debaters, Michael Barlow and Holden Choi, were also recognized for their individual accomplishments. Barlow was named the top Affirmative speaker in the state, and Holden as the second place Negative speaker. Congratulations!

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