IBM engages Price Middle School eighth-graders in E-Week

For the third consecutive year, eighth-graders at Price Middle School participated in IBM E-Week (Engineers Week) activities (Feb. 14-20). E-Week was created to increase students’ awareness of engineering, math and science and how they influence their lives. IBM provided 10 volunteers to work with 42 students to create Puffmobiles. Each group was given three straws, four lifesavers, one piece of paper, tape and scissors. Students worked in teams guided by IBM staff to create and test their mobiles, and then were allowed the opportunity to make corrections before racing their Puffmobiles. Two vehicles traveled 38 feet after 10 puffs.  Students learned the importance of teamwork and persistency, the application of force, friction and motion principles.

IBM partner coordinator Lisa Haygood, a graduate of Price High School, works to support her alma mater. IBM has been a partner with Price Middle for four years and they provides opportunities for students to interact with people of all ages and backgrounds through activities such as EXITE and IGNITE Academies, Hands On Atlanta Day, Introduce a Girl to Engineering, E-Mentoring, E-Week activities and Junior Achievement in a Day.

IBM’s continuous dedication to expand Price’s horizon is key in giving them an opportunity to their passion, where they have skill, and it initiates their networks schools at an early age. It provides diversification in their communities and ignites the future generation of our young engineers. For more information on E-Week visit here.

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