When “www.TalkUpAPS.com” becomes “www.TalkUpAPS.WordPress.com”

We here at Talk Up APS want to make sure that everyone is able to share all the good news that’s going on around the district with as many people as possible. Often times, we cut and paste links/URLs of certain blog posts into emails to friends and supporters. Have you? And have you ever had trouble sending a copy of a particular link? It may be because, when clicking on our blog, you’re probably only getting the “masked domain” name of the WordPress site we use. And everytime you click on www.TalkUpAPS.com and the click on links to stories, you will keep getting www.TalkUpAPS.com instead of a unique URL.

So, next time you’d like to share a link to a story on our blog, simply remember to type in “www.TalkUpAPS.WordPress.com” (or without all those capitalized letters!) and THEN click on the headline to the story. You’ll then find a unique URL that you can cut and paste and share with as many people as you like!

We just learned we already have enjoyed our busiest month (in terms of page views) for Talk Up APS since starting the blog last summer, and we want to keep you, our readers, coming back. We’d also like to encourage you to take advantage of our Comments link to provide feedback on the stories we post. (We sure saw that used to great effect on the many wonderful comments you had for APS Teacher of the Year Hilaire Anelone!) Keep reading about how APS is making a difference in our students’ lives.

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