45 APS students will be awarded science and mathematics project awards

Forty-five APS students in grades 5-12 will be awarded gold, silver or bronze medals on March 11 for their performance in the APS One Academic Fair. Their math and science projects were culled from 200 entries submitted during an earlier event at North Atlanta High School. The One Academic Fair showcases quality instruction as part of the APS Math and Science Initiative, funded by a $22.5 million grant from the GE Foundation. Gold Key award winners marked with an asterisk will move on to the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair on March 31-April 3 and April 6-9. Two students from the senior division will represent APS at the International Science and Engineering Fair this spring in California.

Student projects were evaluated and ranked by a panel of judges with science and math backgrounds. The projects are evaluated based on the students’ use of the scientific method in developing their theories and conclusions. Winners of the Science and Engineering Categories from the 2010 District-wide competition are:

Novice (Elementary) Individual Winners
Gold Key
Nyla Brittain        Science        Capitol View Elementary School
Ricci Valldejuli    Science        Garden Hills Elementary School
Michael Brown    Science        Humphries Elementary School
 Reginald Richardson    Science        Humphries Elementary School
 Austin Morris        Science        Kimberly Elementary School 
 Druv Chincholikar    Science         Smith Elementary School

Novice (Elementary) Team Winners
Gold Key
Matthew Jasmine          Science            Brandon
Misha Andra Thomas   Science            Brandon
Jack Faught                  Science            Lin
Calder Johnson          Science            Lin
Jacqueshea Williams     Science            Thomasville Heights
Andrea Dozier              Science            Thomasville Heights

Novice (Elementary) Individual Winners
Silver Key
Zoin Williams                Science            Capitol View
Olivia Brown                Science            Finch
Mullin Underwood        Science            Garden Hills
Kelsy Kiby                   Science            Garden Hills

Novice (Elementary) Team Winners
Silver Key
Derrick Lottie               Science            Brandon
Riley Levitts                  Science            Brandon
Abdul Allah                  Science            Grove Park
Meisha Williams           Science            Grove Park
Shanbrae McFarland    Science            Grove Park
Brian Roach                 Science            Lin
Dylan Suna                   Science            Lin

Novice (Elementary) Individual Winners
Bronze Key
Justin Clark                  Science            Centennial Place

Middle Schools Individual Winners
Gold Key
*Ron Sanders               Science            Brown
*Devonte  Fearon         Science            Bunche
*Ellis Canty                  Science            Coretta Scott King
*Zach Davis                 Science            Inman
*Gregory Haynes         Science            Inman
*Gabriel Kovacs          Science            Inman
*Austin Minor              Science            Inman
*Riley Erickson            Science            Inman
*Willie Hixon                Science            Price
*Noren Merrit              Science            Young

Middle Schools Team Winners
Gold Key
*Arion Johnson            Science            Coan
*Altameshia Kennedy   Science            Coan
Kayla Bonner               Science            Drew Charter
Danielle Simmons         Science            Drew Charter
Akente Knight              Science            Drew Charter
Laurence Masselino      Science            Drew Charter
*Emma Kasper            Science            Inman
*Emma Peterson          Science            Inman
John Bailey                   Science            Kennedy
Kamah Bivins               Science            Kennedy
Martin Tagma               Science            Kennedy
Sadaiza Jackson           Science            Long
Davaron Barnes            Science            Long
*Estella Dieci                Science            Sutton
*Jianna Justice  Science            Sutton

Middle Schools Individual Winners
Silver Key
Lemons Stephanie        Science            Coan
Arryn Taylor                 Science            Drew Charter
Khalid Aaron                Science            King
Derrion Whitehead       Science            Price
Amanda Watts             Science            Young

Middle Schools Team Winners
Silver Key
Ashley Sheats               Science            Bunche
Robia Iqbul                  Science            Bunche
Deja Williams               Science            Bunche
Dan Quan Holt Science            Coan
Sir Dalvin Holloway      Science            Coan
Teanna Hardyaway       Science            Price
Skyeisha Swain            Science            Price
Keosha Cosby             Science            Price

Middle Schools Individual Winners
Bronze Key
1. Dejah Evans                    Science            Brown
2. Christina Felder              Science            Bunche
3. Joshua Elligan                  Science            Drew
4. Reynolds Kyle                 Science            King
5. Amina Glass                    Science            Price

Middle Schools Team Winners
Bronze Key
1. Faith Henry                     Science            Brown
2. Jessica Simmon               Science            Brown
3. Rashard Jones                 Science            Bunche
4. Omar Bloodsoe               Science            Bunche
5. Xavier Bell                        Science            Bunche
6. Stanley Miller                  Science            Drew
7. James Jones                    Science            Drew
8. Diamond Corbitt         Science            Coan
9. Aida Woodley                 Science            Coan

High Schools Individual Winners
Gold Key
*Keith Jones                            Science            Carver Health Science
*Joy Mitchell                            Science            Carver Health Science
*Maza Rose Tchedou               Science            Carver Health Science
*Brian Jones                             Science            Carver Health Science
*Edward Mosley                      Science            Douglass High School
*Jordan Carter                         Science            Mays
*Lucy Leonard             Science            Grady

High Schools Team Winners
Gold Key
*Julia Davis                              Science            Carver Health Science
*DeWarren Rose                     Science            Carver Health Science
*James May                             Science            Grady
*Isabella Taft                            Science            Grady

High Schools Individual Winners
Silver Key
*Kim Vu                                    Science            South Atlanta Health Science
*Alyssia Clore                            Science            South Atlanta Health Science
*Camille Harris                           Science            Grady

High School Team Winners
Silver Key
Amber Walker                         Science            North Atlanta
Tiffany Bailey                            Science            North Atlanta

High Schools Team Winners
Bronze Key
Alexandra Palmer                     Science            North Atlanta
Will Wilson                               Science            North Atlanta

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