11Alive report emphasizes important role community partners play in supporting E. Rivers Elementary

There’s a great report on the WXIA (11Alive) Web site about how community partners and their private funding play such a crucial role in supporting Atlanta Public Schools. In this case, the report cites the incredible back-up provided to maintain the soccer field and field house and concession stands at E. Rivers Elementary — an above-average range of facilities for an elementary school. The report makes the key point:

An Atlanta Public Schools spokesman says the relationships between communities and schools have been in place for decades. Sometimes the groups provide volunteer services, but other times, it is financial. As the needs of families and schools grow, they are leaning on those relationships more. Every school has at least one partnership now in place (with a faith-based organization, community group, or business).

The school benefited from key support from Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, architect Keith Summerour as well as the school’s PTA. Principal David White points out how these partners have made the different in keeping these facilities as a vital part of the Peachtree Battle community: “This has been a real culmination of that energy. The return to public schools and the return to pride in your local public school.”

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