Bolton Academy Spanish teacher wins international educator award from VIF

Visiting International Faculty (VIF) Program has an International Educator of the Year recognition program for its teachers, and was thrilled to announce that Ingrid Arriagada (pictured, above right), a Spanish teacher at Bolton Academy, has been selected as one of its five International Educators of the Year.  Not every one of the states in which VIF places teachers had a winner, so this is a particularly special honor for Arriagada.  According to a representative from VIF, the selection committee highly regarded her presentation submission and strong letter of support. Arriagada was selected because her presentation showed a high level of curriculum integration, student involvement, and high cultural contributions to her class, school and community.

Arriagada will be honored at Bolton Academy during next month’s Teacher Appreciation Week. If her name sounds familiar, Arriagada also was featured in the Spring issue of The Atlanta Educator. (Read the feature here.) And if VIF sounds familiar, that’s because now-former Slater Elementary teacher Maria Beatriz Chopite Gonzales was Georgia’s International Educator of the Year. (Read press release here.)

6 thoughts on “Bolton Academy Spanish teacher wins international educator award from VIF

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  1. Congratulations Ingrid! It’s a great experience that you will never forget! I’m so proud of you. WAY TO GO!!! Enjoy it!!!

  2. Marvelous! You really are a remarkable human being, and we’re lucky to have a teacher of your calibre. Congratulations.

  3. Dear Ingrid,
    I believe teachers can actually change the world and make it better, but it’s teachers like you who can make that possible.
    Well done! I’m so proud of you.

  4. Dear Ingrid,

    It is great to hear that you won the award!!!! WOW!!! You are a hardworking and successful teacher. Congratulations!!!!!


  5. I am so very proud of my dear friend and teaching partner! Well done, Ingrid. You deserve it and much more!

  6. Dear Ingrid,

    Hello from lovely Black Sea coast of Sinop, Turkey. I have just come across with your news on that you wind an award. I am so pleased to see that and hope that your career will be full of these awards till the end.

    Have a nice day and all the best.


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