Burgess-Peterson Academy holds luau for CRCT ‘prep’ rally

In preparation for the CRCT, Burgess-Peterson Academy hosted a “school luau” for students who completed a Web-based instructional tool, Study Island, over the course of two months. This social event, which took place during lunch, included hotdogs, surfing music and an amazing beach-themed backdrop. It was well worth the extra effort applied by those students.

Later that afternoon, the school hosted a CRCT pep rally to get the kids motivated. A special guest, “Gutsy the Flying Fox,” who formerly worked with the Atlanta Hawks, was the star of the show! He really got the students excited as he danced around and performed his amazing gymnastics stunts high in the air right over the heads of a select few. The pep rally was an excellent reward for all of the students and teachers who have worked so diligently to prepare for the CRCT. Burgess-Peterson is ready!

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