Driving safety demonstration at Douglass High set for Wednesday

Douglass High School will stage a dramatic reenactment of a traffic accident on Wednesday morning on the school’s football field to demonstrate for junior- and senior-class students the dangers associated with drinking and texting while driving in advance of the school’s prom this weekend. A wrecked car was positioned in front of the school as a graphic symbol of the consequences of irresponsible driving.  The vehicle will be relocated to the football field for tomorrow’s reenactment.

The Atlanta police and fire departments will participate in the demonstration, which starts at 10 a.m. Wednesday, April 21, at 225 Hamilton E. Holmes Drive, Atlanta 30318.  If the aircraft is available and weather permitting, a helicopter may be part of the demonstration to simulate the evacuation of persons injured in the accident.  The demonstration is associated with the Ghost Out Traffic Fatality Awareness Program. Along with the Atlanta police and fire departments, Grady Memorial Hospital, A Tow Incorporated and Murray Brothers Funeral Home are sponsoring this event. News media representatives are invited to cover this event.

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