APS wins most 2010 Gates Millennium Scholarships in nation

UPDATE: Read more about South Atlanta High scholarship winner Alyssia Clore here.

Twenty-nine Atlanta Public Schools students have been awarded 2010 Gates Millennium Scholarships – more than any other school district in the nation. A total of 1,000 students across the country were awarded these prestigious college scholarships, which can be used to pursue degrees in any undergraduate major at the college or university of the recipients’ choice. These scholarships cover students’ tuition, room and board through undergraduate school and beyond for recipients who elect to pursue advanced degrees.

“This achievement is most certainly a testament to our dedicated and hard-working teachers and school-based staff and administrators,” said APS Superintendent Dr. Beverly L. Hall. “It is also a tribute to our high-performing students who truly earned this national recognition.”

In addition to financial assistance, Gates Millennium Scholars receive academic support, mentoring and leadership training. Past recipients have a five-year graduation rate of nearly 80 percent.

APS students who earned this year’s Gates Millennium Scholarships are:

Mays High: Elicee Edgers, Erika Clater, Jasmine Herndon
Washington High: Quanteshia Tennyson, Chelsea Falcone, Shaeroya Earls, Kamalia Blunt, Mia Philpot, Deonte Bridges (pictured, above)
Carver School of Health Sciences & Research: Toyia Gray, Jhamarcus Jones, Briahna Head, Brittany Magee, Orane Douglas
Carver School of Technology: Javon McLester
Carver Early College: Randie Henderson, Cerise Clarke
Therrell School of Health Science & Research: Zyer Beaty
Therrell School of Law, Government & Public Policy: Justin Savage
Douglass High: Cachet Pinson, Marieh Scales, Ashley Wilson, Jared Vallair
Maynard H. Jackson High: Chelsea Little
North Atlanta High: Aundrea Collins, Tykeria West, Celeste Gee, Graves Taylor
South Atlanta High School of Health Science & Research: Alyssia Clore

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  1. Congrats to my daughter Eli’cee Edgers. I am so proud of you young lady!!

  2. Congratulations to Erika and Jasmine and Elicee. The Mays Science Department is especially proud of you all ! ERIKA I am especially pleased that so many of your dreams will become true as you embark on this new path in your life. Enjoy yourself on this road to success!!!

    Take Care!!!

  3. Alyssia Clore,

    I am so proud of you. Keep up the great work. You have always been a high achiever. Keep going 🙂

  4. Kudos to my mentee, Quanteshia Tennyson (Washington High School), and all the Gates Millenium Scholars for persevering and achieving this great milestone in their educational journey. APS and the 21st Century Atlanta Scholars Program should be commended for preparing our scholars and leaders to make an indelible mark in the world!

  5. Erika and Eli’cee,

    Congratulations on your great accomplishment! You two are very deserving. It has been such a pleasure to be your AVID teacher and I know you will be excellent college students.

  6. Congratulations to all of these hard working students. Your futures are looking bright!!

  7. Congratulations to all of the scholars. I am very proud of you. Atlanta Public Schools students are the best!!!!!

    Alva Hartry
    Turner Middle School

  8. Justin Savage,
    I express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers that touched your life, as you matriculated through elementary, middle school and finally high school. As your middle school counselor, I encourage you to continue your self-perpertuating belief that you can make things happen and that nothing is impossible. You are the BEST! You are most deserving of the Millenium Gates Scholarship. What an accomplishment!!!!! I am so proud of you and equally proud to be on a Winning Team with Atlanta Public Schools.
    V. E. Byrd

  9. This is an honor to be apart such grace and opportunity for the students who have earned and worked hard throughout the academic careers. I am so proud of these honorable students. Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ofcourse APS would have the highest number of winners, GOSH!!! we are the BEST school system in that nation with the brightest minds. Congrats to all of you and your fsmily for making us all proud.

  11. Jasmine I am so proud of you keep up the great work and stay focus on your goals.

  12. To all of my scholars: Cachet Pinson, Marieh Scales, Ashley Wilson, Jared Vallair

    I am so proud of all of you!!! This is only the beginning of your wonderful careers!!! I will never forget you and our 3 years together in CFEAT!!!!

    With all my love,
    Mrs. J. Martin

  13. Atlanta Publc Schools continues to keep up its tradition of being awarded millions in scholarships each year. Having 4 children that attended Mays High School, I was always astounded at the scholarships those students received at each graduation I attended! I myself benefitted from the monetary awards with all of my kids. Keep up the great work!!

  14. I’ve never been more proud to be a part of such a fine school district.

  15. Chelsey L.,
    I am so proud of your accomplishments!
    You worked so hard to receive this honor!
    Congratulations sweetie!

    Mrs. L. Williams,
    Your SLC Advisor
    Choral Director
    Maynard H. Jackson

  16. CHSR students,

    You continue to ispire us all everyday!!! Congrats!!

    Ms. Woods

  17. Congratulations Taylor,
    You are truly blessed and it is well deserved.

    Coach Rucker

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