Congressman John Lewis gets technical with Parks Middle School students

U.S. Rep. John Lewis met with students from Parks Middle School to discuss the civil rights movement, politics and the importance of technology education. Teacher Jocelyn Johnson invited the congressman to speak to her students because of the year-long relationship between Lewis and the students. The students and Johnson were overjoyed to have a visit with one of the most beloved civil rights and political leaders. During the visit the congressman showed excitement toward viewing a reenactment of his life as a young farmer, college student, protestor and congressman. The students listened attentively as Lewis delve through stories about the social issues, politics and education.

Parks students were further delighted by Lewis’ civil rights stories, as he shared personal tidbits of his life through illustrating events on the classroom SMART Board. The students through both oral and visual presentation discovered that the congressman held no fear as he participated in civil rights marches, sit-ins and protests. Additionally, the congressman discussed how the belief by both Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohandas Ghandi in nonviolence was a contributing factor to the success of the civil rights movement. Politically speaking, the congressman shared his views on the importance of passing health care reform, education, and poverty and homelessness laws.

Congressman Lewis offered Parks students a challenge of becoming involved in social and community issues. The students were pleasantly surprised when he invited them to act as his personal guest on a tour of Selma, Ala. and Washington, D.C. The students pledge to continue to learn more about the civil rights movement in preparation for their visit with the congressman in early fall.

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