Continental Colony ILS Sharon Urban performs an ‘Electric Slide’ into retirement

Sharon Urban isn’t quite sure how the popular line dance to “Electric Slide” initially made its way into her retirement ceremony at Continental Colony Elementary. But it sure was fun to watch. Urban, an Atlanta Public Schools veteran, wound up her career as Continental Colony’s Instructional Liaison Specialist, and decided she’d go out on a dance as long as the rest of the school joined her.

So after a series of thank-yous from faculty and staff in front of a full assembly Monday, she got her wish as the entire student body joined the adults in the line dance. “It was the only thing I wanted,” said Urban, who was joined by her husband and son for the ceremony, along with former colleagues. “I didn’t like thinking about this as being just for me. And I just never could do the dance, and I thought I’m not leaving here till I could do it, with everyone joining me.”

Urban was most grateful for the opportunity to work with Continental Colony Principal Sandra Sessoms, who moved over to the school after serving as APS’ reading coordinator. “I had never met anyone who had a better grasp of how to educated our urban children,” Urban said. She pointed to collaborating with Sessoms on a math tutorial program in which she would work with students after school on Monday and on Saturday mornings to help them with their logic-based skills. “It so inspired me to see different ways that kids learned and solved problems,” Urban said. “The kids always seemed to enjoyed it.”

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