Parks Middle students show off research skills in visit from Canadian consulate rep

When Judith Costello, academic relations officer for the Atlanta Canadian Consulate General, made a classroom visit recently, Parks Middle School students were. “Canada has 10 provinces and three territories!” said a sixth-grade student when prompted. That student is among a group of 15 Parks’ students that were visited by Costello; the students held a thought-provoking discussion about Canada’s history, geography, culture, resources and government. Costello was pleasantly surprised to hear the students recite facts about Canada from previous Internet research and general mapping skills.

Additionally, Parks teachers Jocelyn Johnson and Damian Northern worked with the students to create Notebook-10 software programs and research reports in preparation for Costello’s visit. The students recalled their mapping skills when quizzed about the provinces, territories and capitol locations. Excitement continued to fill the air when Costello helped students hone their French-speaking skills through song. Costello led the group in singing “O, Canada” and “Alouette.”

The Parks’ students are already preparing for a follow-up visit from Costello in mid-summer. The students have been invited to participate in a multicultural event to be held June 20at Perkerson Park. The Canadian Consulate Office will set up a booth with fun games for children, face painting and temporary tattoos, and coloring pages. Students will also be able to gather information about Canada, sample traditional Canadian food, and play hockey shoot-out under the direction of a skilled Canadian hockey player.

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