Long Middle School studies global warming with hands-on, year-end project

You have to admire the students, faculty and staff of Long Middle School for not taking it easy for the remainder of the school year, as they focused on their third annual environmental project. The theme, “Evolving Environmentally,” allowed students create dioramas or eco-friendly structures that would support their research on the environment. Each class divided up into groups, with each group receiving a specific task that supports an element of the overall project. Each project included a PSA that would be broadcast school-wide.

Also, each research topic was designed to encompass the following Georgia Performance Standards:
* Social studies: The impact of global warming on the physical characteristics of a geographic area and on the population
* Language arts: After researching a topic, write a narrative/espository/persuasive essay in support of, or in opposition to, the research findings
* Mathematics: Why do the numbers say? (i.e. loss of land mass, increase in carbon dioxide and monoxide in the breathable atmosphere, deforestation, etc.)
* Science: The impact of global warming on the environment that negatively impacts the human body; the eroson of planets, rain forests and oceans

“There’s a tendency to think that after the CRCTs and heading into May, school’s over, but our students have really taken to this project now that we’ve been doing it for a couple years,” said Long Principal Dr. Elizabeth Harris. “It helps that we keep adding something new each year, and this year we added the PSA so that it would feel even more hands-on for them. They really look forward to this project!”

Check out this video above of Dr. Harris as she takes us on a tour of the projects.

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  1. Long Middle School students and staff under the leadership of Dr. Elizabeth Harris should definitely be applauded for the outstanding job done in creating the environmental project involving the entire school. It provided and atmosphere wherein students were able to learn by doing, engaging them in a variety of activities that challenged their understanding of the environment. Great job!

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