Meet Atlanta Public Schools’ Vals and Sals — up close and personal

It’s graduation week, so we thought we’d share this video presentation introducing you to the valedictorians and salutatorians of our high schools — most of which have been beneficiaries of our High School Transformation Initiative. This project has taken our traditional campuses and divided them into small learning communities with academy leaders under the supervision of one principal, or small schools — each overseen by an individual principal. You’ll learn more about the progress of this initiative, which includes the fall transformation of Grady, Mays and North Atlanta, in the upcoming issue of The Atlanta Educator. For now, enjoy this up-close-and-personal look at our Vals and Sals as they share stories of their own transformation. Big thanks to APS Telecommunications Specialist Luana Slaughter and Media Producation Associate Armon Moore for their work on this presentation.

You can also learn more about our valedictorians by checking out this PDF file profile page.

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