A gifted and talented student, and teacher, share their thoughts on Xanadu

Who wouldn’t want to attend a class called “The Mad Scientist Club”? We were too tempted when we saw the silly putty, students staring at their chemistry glasses and the grand experiments taking place inside classrooms at Parkside Elementary — this year’s host of APS’ Xanadu Gifted and Talented Summer Program. We were particularly impressed with the way Campbell Academy gifted and talented teacher Adele Pollard inspired one of her students, Deerwood Academy rising fourth-grader Morgan Laurio, who’s in her third year with Xanadu. (Must run in the family. Her older brother Jordan Laurio, a rising fifth-grader at Deerwood, also is making his third Xanadu appearance!)

Watch Morgan and Pollard discuss their experience with the monthlong program.

2 thoughts on “A gifted and talented student, and teacher, share their thoughts on Xanadu

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  1. I am proud of you Morgan. You provided great details about your follow up project. Over the summer keep up with the enrichment progress and have a great summer.

  2. Great job Morgan! I am looking forward to seeing you next year in fourth grade. I had a wonderful time teaching your brother last year. Good luck to both of you next year.

    Mrs. Gauff

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