APS improves efficiency in tracking number, value of textbooks

Recently, APS started using new software to keep track of textbook inventory in schools. This new software, Destiny Textbook Manager, is a product of Follet Software Company. This new system of taking inventory of textbooks — textbook automation — will provide the district a process to easily distribute and collect textbooks, reallocate surpluses in textbooks, and account for any stolen, lost or damaged texts. In addition, Destiny will directly benefit schools by having less of an impact on instructional time, making resources available during instruction, and reducing textbook costs.

This past year, APS began a pilot launch of Destiny in seven schools — Cascade, and Morningside elementary schools; Carson and CSK Middle Schools Douglass, Mays and Therrell high schools.

“These schools had their books bar-coded by Follet last June and have been successfully using Destiny all year,” said Warren Goetzel, APS’ Education Coordinator. Throughout the district to this point, 115,050 books were bar-coded at a value of $7,513,326.24. “The APS Textbook Office is very dedicated to responsible management of instructional resources,” Goetzel added. As a result, their office has devoted many resources to implement Destiny at other schools, including purchasing the automation software, providing face to face training, barcode scanners, barcodes, and bar-coding service for all schools.

This year’s plan for textbook automation is to implement the Destiny software at all high schools and middle schools. In fact, high schools and middle schools were bar-coded the week of June 7, 2010, by Follet Software Company. Those schools will start using Destiny this summer. As for elementary schools, they will be bar-coded and using Destiny in
June 2011.

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